I am really addicted to rings at the minute. They just make your hands look so beautiful, especially when you have cute nail vanish on. Like the nails on the bottom photo, how cool are they please. I really want to go to WAH Nails in London, the nails they do their is unreal. Someone come with me to London and we'll have a cute day going shopping, having cups of tea in a cute tearoom and getting our nails done! Any offers? HA! But yeah, I really need to add to my collections of rings. I just can never find any nice rings that everyone has! I need to find some websites, if anyone knows any cute ring websites then just comment please! Thankyou!! 

Plus the the hands with the tattoos on are my ideal hands. I NEED THEM HANDS. I sound so weird saying that but how good do their hands look? With the rings and nail vanish it just totally looks so perfect. But I know if I get that done I will just look like a complete wolly, so I'll just stick to looking at photos haha!

All photos are from TUMBLR

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