So today I went to IKEA with the fam as I am decorating my room so went to look for furniture.. yes I know very exciting. I have loads of ideas for my new bedroom, ah I can't wait to start decorating and plus I have finally ordered my fitted wardrobes so they will be fitted in my room in the next 3 weeks! My bedroom is gonna look so different with them in, I just can't wait for them to be in my room so I can hide all my belongings behind the door haha! AND I'm gonna have a theme for my bedroom this time so my theme is going to be Buddha, so I'm going to have cute little statues of them but also I have a massive buddha fabric thing that's gonna to be pinned up on my wall. I reckon its going to look sick. 

I really loved today's outfit! The pants that are I am wearing were delivered today by the post man which I was extremely happy about as I couldn't wait to wear them!! Online the pants didn't look that bright and when I opened the package I was shocked how bright they were BUT I didn't mind because just look how beautiful they are. I really love how detailed they are, they are so fab! AWH! They are perfect for the summer with cute chunky sandals.. can't wait!!!!

p.s that last photo of me is definitely a piss take.. HA!

Top: Topshop
Pants: Topshop (sale)
Shoes: Asos Marketplace
Jacket: Asos


  1. I'm decorating my room too! Well actually I moved rooms, so I'm totally in the same boat! The Buddha theme sounds pretty awesome though, good luck :)
    p.s. I <3 your shoes very much!


    1. yeah yeah I can't wait to change everything! My shoes are from Asos Marketplace you can get them in Black I think as well!