I've just come across this brand through Instagram and I've just fallen in love with the products they have! The 3 items in the picture I desperately want for summer, white is the colour for summer I reckon, I don't know why but every time I think of summer I think of white. Maybe that's just me. I don't know. 

But yeah, as your know chunky sandals are so in right now and the two that I have picked are chunky chunky chunky!!!! They are both needed for my festivals coming up as they will look awesome with mesh two piece and little frilly socks.. oh god!! Already imagining the outfits I could wear with these. My mind is going mad. Plus the bag will just finish the outfit completely, the bag is so simple but yet so mind boggling perfect. I know my mum is going to be mad that I am looking at shoes AGAIN.. she will be thinking "where is she going to put this pair of shoes?".. I just can't help it, not when I'm excited for summer. Summer 14' is going to the best summer I have had yet I think, I certainly have a positive vibe.

I couldn't really put all the things up that I wanted from LaModa as there are so many so I have had to limit it down plus was thinking about outfits for Parklife and Wireless and these are definitely on my wishlist for the summer.

Please go and look at LaModa UK as it's the best website for bags, jewellery and shoes. Plus with the new things that are coming in I think you should definitely be looking. I can't wait to buy some things from there. Exciting. 


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