Today was the best day for deliveries!!! 

I got my Eye Printed dress from Zara which is out of this world, I don't know if you can fall in love with clothes but I did today when I opened the box to see how beautiful it looked. Everyone seems to be getting it lately I can see why now and I am so happy I have my hands on it! I got really jealous of people's instagram photos of them in the dress so I needed to get it straight away when I saw how gorgeous it looked on. I cannot wait to wear it out and show it off to the world. 

Next thing I got is my Missguided bralet. I got this bralet because its so cute plus so cheap as well, it was only £9.99 which is a price I am more than happy to pay. I thought I would go for black because I just love black its probably because it goes with absolutely anything! However I did need a black bralet to go with my wedding outfit so that's my excuse. I wore my bralet with my new Topshop wrap, it featured in my latest post and that is a new buy as well. I am now thinking of getting the different colours of this bralet as I really want a cute pastel colour!



 I totally forgot to do a post of what I got when me and my mum went shopping in Liverpool last week. 

The clothes are from: 
Cigarette Pants - H&M
All in one - Hot!Mess
Clutch Bag - Primark
Pumps - H&M
Skort - Rebelious
Floral Cardigan - Topshop

Some of the clothes that I bought are going to be my outfit for my Dad's wedding in Mexico which should be good. 

Hoped everyone had a good weekend!


Today was a busy day for me as I was running around trying to do all the little jobs that needed to be done. First of all I had to get my refereeing form signed as I am volunteering at Irby Football Club to do some coaching sessions with the boys and girls. Secondly, I had to go to the charity shop and donate loads of unwanted clothes, I had like 6 bags of clothes, I like to give them to charity instead of just throwing them out it goes to much better cause. Then lastly me and will went to asda to get ingredients that we need for tonight as we are making Nando's chicken, we have the nando's sauce, the chicken, the bread (to make garlic bread), the chips and of course the piri piri salt. Oh and will bought some perinaise (which is like mayonnaise but with piri piri in), I think it is disgusting however that's probably because I HATE mayonnaise it is vile. Fingers crossed that it will taste just as good as Nando's, I have a good feeling that it will. See I told you I was busy hehe.

So today's outfit is a mixture of Missguided, H&M and Topshop. I wanted something casual and comfortable and today's outfit was just right. I love my new cigarette pants from H&M, they are so fab I love the print on them as well. I have been eyeing them up for a couple of weeks now and when I finally got them I was chuffed. Also, my new Missguided sandals came Friday, aren't they fab? The extra sole on them is just amazing, plus when I wear them I feel like I'm walking on clouds. 

Top: Topshop
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Missguided



On the weekend I ordered myself a Hot!Mess all in one and it came today, I was so happy! How nice is it please? It's so summery, I just can't wait to wear it for my festivals this year. I didn't want to take it off, it was so comfortable I can tell I am going to be dancing a lot at these festivals this year. The print on the all in one is perfect as well, it's just totally well made and I am thinking of getting another one now. They have so many nice ones and if you got on their website HOT!MESS, you will find some other gorgeous ones and other fab clothing. The hot!mess team have done a brilliant job with their SS14, drop 1 of the collection comes out March 31st, more money coming out of my bank account hehe. 

I paired this outfit with my Lamoda sandals and cute little netted socks. These two items just basically finish the whole outfit off, love!!



Last night was the best night ever!!! Like I literally can't describe how amazing it was, it was so much better than his last tour I was drinking and dancing plus I couldn't take my eyes away from him because he was super hot, omg. He truly was awesome I never wanted him to stop, I think he should sing to me sometime, or sing me to sleep, he voice is just so smooth, I would fall asleep in a instant. 

The night was so good however it wouldn't of been if I wasn't with my partner in crime, Katie, me and her always have a fab time because we definitely are the life and soul of the party. One of the memories I had of the night is when drake was rapping and he stopped because he was changing songs but me and katie didn't stop so we carried on and everyone was just looking at us like we were freaks, but we were having a too good of a time to even care. It was just funny how everyone stopped rapping and me & katie kept going like we were backing singers.. I do love my girl. 

The moment when drake got someone up on stage and started to sing to her I felt my jealously raging inside me.. that should of been me up there because he needs to see that we are meant to be together.. haha!! I got over it because I knew that one day I was going to meet him and I will just launch myself at him then.. I think I am slightly obsessed with him tbh. 

Take me back to last night please, one of the best nights I have ever had in a long time. 
I love Aubrey 'drake' Graham. 



So tonight I was meant to going out with my mates to the pub, however, all things changed and I am now staying in with my takeaway (can't beat chicken nuggets & chips with BBQ sauce) with my onesie on. 

Before all that though I decided to take some photo's of my outfit as I really love my new skort that I got from Boohoo which you can get from HERE. The skort was only £15.00 which I think is such a bargain as there are skorts on websites such as Topshop and River Island which cost at least £30, so I don't see why you would pay that much if there are good quality skorts on websites such as Boohoo and Missguided. They look so good on as well plus they are so comfortable, they are just amazing. Skorts are my new thing. 

I can't wait to wear this to Drake tomorrow, well I just can't wait to see Drake. Oh my. The love I have for him is unreal, I just think we are meant to be together.. he is definitely my dream man. I am definitely jealous of RiRi dating him again, she must be using him.. I am trying to think of any excuses so that me and him can by together. HAHA sad I know. 

Have a good Friday night.
Happy Sports Relief. 


This weekend has been the best for deliveries!! I love my new Lamoda sandals and my baby blue Asos cigarette pants, I just love new clothes! I

haven't had chance to wear my new sandals yet as I have been playing sport all weekend BUT I will get a chance to wear them for college, ah cant wait! They are just lush, they are so cheap as well only £18.00 which I think is such an amazing prize. These sandals would look mega cute with fish net socks, my new Asos pants and my Lazy Oaf Werido top. Ah I seriously love styling up outfits!! Plus I've bought my self well my mum bought me a new skort of Boohoo, it's so nice and its been dispatched as well, will definitely put photos up on my blog to show you all. 

Go and have a look on LAMODAUK for some great deals & bargains!! You will definitely find some steals!!


1. Patterned Dress - £34.99 - GET FROM HERE 

2. Platform Boots - £29.99 - GET FROM HERE 

3. Small Hand Bag - £24.99 - GET FROM HERE 

4. Platform Sneakers - £14.99 - GET FROM HERE 

5. Slacks - £14.99 - GET FROM HERE 

6. Suede Bag - £39.99 - GET FROM HERE 

7. Sandals - £24.99 - GET FROM HERE 

8. Long Lace Cardigan - £49.99 - GET FROM HERE 

9. Floppy Hat in Wool - £14.99 - GET FROM HERE 

10. Cropped Jumper - £34.99 - GET FROM HERE 

11. Short Dress - £24.99 - GET FROM HERE 

12. Shoulder Bag - £12.99 - GET FROM HERE 


Monday was the nicest day ever! It was so sunny it was gorgeous, I just loved it! It was definitely very exciting as festivals are coming up soon and the weather was just making me very excited to be sitting with my girlfriends drinking and just having the best time ever. 

On Monday, I went to get my hair cut as my hair definitely needed it as it was getting so dead it was unreal. I hate when you start to find dead ends in your hair it's just so annoying and you just can't help but pick them! I really love that my bestfriend is a training to be a hairdresser because I can get my hair done for free, good right? So I went to get it cut my bestfriend and I got a free curly blow dry as well which is a plus. When she finished it was so nice, I love the feeling of your hair after you've had it done because its just so soft and shiny! Ah that feeling is amazing. 

I want more of these sunny days please so I can try to build my tan up and stop being a little white ghost.


Today has been a bad day for me as I got injured in hockey so I'm on crutches and barely can't walk without being in pain. Feel sorry for me hehe. So I thought to cheer myself up I would take a visit to boots and see what goodies I could buy. 

I really wanted a new lipstick so when I came across Seventeen 'Man Hunt' and 'Roasted Red' I couldn't choose what colour I wanted so I ended up buying two! The good thing about Boots though is that it was 3 for 2 so then I got a new Barry M Gel nail vanish called 'Guava' & its a beautiful blue colour ready for the summer. I really needed a new red lipstick as the one I had before I left near a radiator and it melted. I know I know it was silly of me but I just totally forgot it was there. My other one is a orange colour but it doesn't go on as a bright orange which is good as I think it would look quite silly. I will show you guys what each lipstick looks like on in a next post. 

I only ended up playing £11 for all three of my items which is so good. I love Boots. Especially when its 3 for 2. Make-up heavan, aaah! 

Hoped everyone had a better Saturday afternoon, I am now watching the footy with a creme egg while my boyfriend is looking after me. Bless him.