On the weekend I ordered myself a Hot!Mess all in one and it came today, I was so happy! How nice is it please? It's so summery, I just can't wait to wear it for my festivals this year. I didn't want to take it off, it was so comfortable I can tell I am going to be dancing a lot at these festivals this year. The print on the all in one is perfect as well, it's just totally well made and I am thinking of getting another one now. They have so many nice ones and if you got on their website HOT!MESS, you will find some other gorgeous ones and other fab clothing. The hot!mess team have done a brilliant job with their SS14, drop 1 of the collection comes out March 31st, more money coming out of my bank account hehe. 

I paired this outfit with my Lamoda sandals and cute little netted socks. These two items just basically finish the whole outfit off, love!!


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