Last night was the best night ever!!! Like I literally can't describe how amazing it was, it was so much better than his last tour I was drinking and dancing plus I couldn't take my eyes away from him because he was super hot, omg. He truly was awesome I never wanted him to stop, I think he should sing to me sometime, or sing me to sleep, he voice is just so smooth, I would fall asleep in a instant. 

The night was so good however it wouldn't of been if I wasn't with my partner in crime, Katie, me and her always have a fab time because we definitely are the life and soul of the party. One of the memories I had of the night is when drake was rapping and he stopped because he was changing songs but me and katie didn't stop so we carried on and everyone was just looking at us like we were freaks, but we were having a too good of a time to even care. It was just funny how everyone stopped rapping and me & katie kept going like we were backing singers.. I do love my girl. 

The moment when drake got someone up on stage and started to sing to her I felt my jealously raging inside me.. that should of been me up there because he needs to see that we are meant to be together.. haha!! I got over it because I knew that one day I was going to meet him and I will just launch myself at him then.. I think I am slightly obsessed with him tbh. 

Take me back to last night please, one of the best nights I have ever had in a long time. 
I love Aubrey 'drake' Graham. 


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