Monday was the nicest day ever! It was so sunny it was gorgeous, I just loved it! It was definitely very exciting as festivals are coming up soon and the weather was just making me very excited to be sitting with my girlfriends drinking and just having the best time ever. 

On Monday, I went to get my hair cut as my hair definitely needed it as it was getting so dead it was unreal. I hate when you start to find dead ends in your hair it's just so annoying and you just can't help but pick them! I really love that my bestfriend is a training to be a hairdresser because I can get my hair done for free, good right? So I went to get it cut my bestfriend and I got a free curly blow dry as well which is a plus. When she finished it was so nice, I love the feeling of your hair after you've had it done because its just so soft and shiny! Ah that feeling is amazing. 

I want more of these sunny days please so I can try to build my tan up and stop being a little white ghost.

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  1. it honestly was the nicest day! Summer needs to just be here already!