I have finally picked an outfit ready to hit ParkLife festival. Next weekend I will be drinking it up with the girls hopefully dancing in the sun until my feet start hurting. Ahhhh literally I cannot wait to have a weekend with the girls, plus it start of my festivals so what a way for ParkLife to start it off. The acts they have this year are amazing!!!! I am going to be spoilt to choice to who I want to listen too but I tell ya now I need to go and see Kendrick Lemar then my life would be complete!!! 

Anyway about my outfit.. I really like this festival look it's very edgy for me and I love it. I haven't worn these vintage shorts for a while now and I am so glad I am getting them back out for Summer as they have a cute little frill on the edge on the shorts which makes them super cute. Plus they are high waisted which makes them more edgy-er in my opinion. I cannot go to a festival without wearing my stackers from Loving Youth Label. These are the bomb and they are sooooo comfy so going back to what I said before about "till my feet start hurting" I literally don't think that will happen because I always feel like I'm walking on clouds whenever I wear these shoes. I pairs my shorts and shoes with my Miss Guided black bralet with my American Apparel striped socks and to finish it off my North Face bucket hat. 

Hat: Size / Top: Miss Guided / Shorts: Vintage Shop in London (forgot the name) / Socks: American Apparel / Shoes: Loving Youth Apparel 

Is anyone else going to festivals this year? If so tell me where & what are your favourite festival outfits?


Today I definitely felt like I was part of the T-Bird gang from Grease.. I don't know why maybe it's because of the black bomber that I am wearing. Today's weather was so horrible. It's just so depressing when the weather is like this you can't go somewhere to do blog photos cause you'll end up getting drenched and looking like a drowned rat. Anyway, when the rain cleared up a bit I ran outside put my tripod up and quickly took some photos. I never knew I could take photos that quick. 

So yes, today's outfit. I went out with my Mum and Sister to Cheshire Oaks. We only went there for a little nose around and to get some delicious food from M&S as we have no kitchen except for a toaster, kettle and microwave.. so as you can tell we are limited in what we can cook. We are getting our kitchen done by the way we don't live like this normally! Don't worry!! 
There wasn't anything decent in Cheshire Oaks today but I just love going out with my Mum and sister as you always have a fab time even if the weather was gloomy and horrid. Today I am wearing my new bomber jacket and new mesh white top that I bought when I was in London last week. I got the bomber from Beyond Retro which was £2 because they had a massive sale on where things were up to 70% off which is such a bargain as I have always wanted a bomber jacket but just haven't found the right one. The white mesh top is from H&M. I am loving H&M collection at the moment they have so many nice things and all of them are reasonable priced which is a plus. I paired up my bomber and mesh top with my black cigarette pants from H&M, chunky sandals from Miss Guided and my new clutch Adidas bag from Beyond Retro. 

Oh and I know I am stupid for wearing sandals in the rain.. ha!

Hat: The Hundreds / Top: H&M / Bomber: Beyond Retro / Pants: H&M / Sandals: Miss Guided 


I really had the best weekend ever. I love every moment I have with my boyfriend/bestfriend. When we decided to take a trip down to London we couldn't stop talking about it because we we're so excited however I think I was more excited as I have missed London so much, its the place I definitely need to live when I'm older. 

We stayed in a hotel in Vauxhall, I've never stayed so close to the city centre before but it's so much better as the walk to the underground was only about 5 minutes away which was so convenient. The first day we got there we went straight to Oxford Circus and straight into shopping. However, I had a little disaster when coming up to London, on the way up I was looking in my purse and realised that I forgot my credit card. Yes, that's right forgot my credit card. I think your wondering how I bought stuff.. well that's when my knight and shining armour came to the rescue. My boyfriend, Will, said I could use his credit card and pay him back when we're home.. I shouldn't of paid him back and said it was his treat to me buying me things.. I can't be that mean though so I paid him all back! I know I am too nice. 

After Oxford Circus we went up to Brick Lane, and it was packed!! But it made the atmosphere so amazing because it was sunny which made everyone so happy! I love how the sunshine can do that people. Plus there was a vintage market on which made my life complete. I spent about 30 minutes looking and searching for little goodies I could spend my money on and I came across these beautiful cat eye sunglasses which are literally perfect. I think there is a picture of me wearing them because I couldn't take them off, my fav pair of sunglasses so far!!! 
After that we just strolled and did some sight-seeing! Thanks for an amazing, memorable weekend William! I love you. 

Can you tell I've have a GREAT weekend? Hope you guys have too! 


 Today was beautiful and I had an excuse to wear this gorgeous play-suit that I stole from my sister wardrobe. She has too many nice things that aren't being worn since she is away in Italy so why not wear some of her things, hehe. It was my dad's wedding do today so I decided to wear this lemon play-suit with my new floppy hat from H&M and my big stacker wedges which I can't get enough off. The do was lovely with the whole family and plus the weather was gorgeous so we couldn't complain. Here are just some of the photo's that my lovely boyfriend William took, tbh I think he was having a too good of a time taking these photos outside, he was definitely in his element! 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)

Hat: H&M / Playsuit: Topshop / Shoes: Dyfne / Rings: Primark / Necklack: Primark