Yesterday me and Will went shopping to Cheshire Oaks because he wanted to look around to see if there was any bargains that he could spend his money on. 

Yesterday's outfit was quite casual and very summery as it was so hot yesterday that of course I needed to wear my sale bargain find from Topshop. This jersey tunic dress I saw online but I didn't get it as I thought to myself that I needed to stop spending.. but then I saw it in my local Outfit store and my mum said she would buy it for me as it was only a fiver so I wasn't going to turn down the chance of adding a cute summery dress to my wardrobe. I paired this dress with my new sandals and socks that I got from my boyfriend who decided to treat me one day which are from Lamoda. 

Lamoda are so on point lately that they have loads of beautiful shoes ranging from sandals to big stomper heels that everyone needs in there wardrobe. I already have a couple of pairs of shoes that I have my eye on that I need to buy soon. 

I finished the outfit off with my Hype 5-panel cap which I bought ages ago from there collection, it has hints of orange in the cap so I thought it would match perfectly with the dress and it does!! 

WEARING// Funky Culottes

I know what your all thinking.. I am in a different spot than I am normally when I do blog posts.. well I had to shoot them in my room because outside my house where I normally take them is like a builders yard as we are getting our kitchen done out and I didn't want wood appearing in all of the photos as it wouldn't look that good. So yeah I had to take them in my newly decorated bedroom, nice painted walls (Thanks to my boyfriend) I think it looks kind of funky and bright.. anyway enough about that on to my outfit. 

I bought this funky culottes when I found them in the Topshop sale last week! I saw them online but didn't have the guts to get them because I wanted to save my money but when I saw them in store I gave in and bought them. They were £20 but I got student discount off them so they were only £18 which I was so pleased about because originally they were £40. I love the print on these culottes and the hint of purple in them just makes the white more vibrant. I very happy that I bought these and to be honest I haven't stopped wearing them, they are super duper comfy. I paired the culottes with my Topshop high neck crop top and my Lamoda sandals. 

Top: Topshop / Pants: Topshop / Shoes: Lamoda (ones similar)

WEARING// Paradox Collection

When I seen the Paradox Collection on Pretty Little Thing I knew instantly that I needed to get a few things off their website. I bought the Xena cloud print shorts and bralet. I think this two piece is just perfect, the material, the print.. everything about this two peice is amazing for the summer/festival period. This whole outfit only cost me around £25 which I think is such an amazing price for what you are getting as sometime you pay much more for crappy material and isn't going to last you a long time. I now need to save up for some other things that I want to get from the Paradox collection, I seriously think Pretty Little Thing is going to drain my bank account. 
If you want to shop the collection then click here
I simply finished this outfit off with my Topshop kimono, H&M hat, Lamoda sandals, Primark rings and Choker from Luna Jewellery. 

Top: Pretty Little Thing / Shorts: Pretty Little Thing / Shoes: Lamoda (some similar) / Kimono: Topshop / Choker: Luna Jewellery / Anklet: Bought On Holiday / Hat: H&M

WEARING// 1960's Flapper Look

I got this dress last year and I have only worn it a couple of times so I thought it should make an appearance on my blog as it is so gorgeous and the fluffy edge around the hem of the dress just makes it for me. 

Whenever I wear this dress I always feel like I am one of them flapper girls back in the 1960's ready to go on stage and dance until I my feet get sore. I wish I lived in the 1960's the style, the music and the lifestyle just appeals to me so much. Someone please make a time machine and transport me to the 60s please, just for one day I beg.. Hehe.

I simply paired my dress with my black and white heels from Primark and added a bit of colour with my lemon bag which I got from Tesco. 

Happy Tuesday!

Dress: Miss Guided / Shoes: Primark / Bag: Tesco

WEARING// Fred Perry Tennis Skirt

On Sunday it was definitely a tennis skirt day, the sun was shining and I wanted to show off my Fred Perry bargain that I bought from Oxfam. Yes, you are hearing me right.. Oxfam, I bought it for £3 and I don't think I have ever been that excited to have this type of skirt in my wardrobe. I wanted to style this outfit quite causal as I was only going out for some food with my boyfriend so I didn't want to be overly dressed. I paired my Fred Perry skirt (can't get enough saying it) with my Topshop crop top and my chunky sandals from Miss Guided. 
I finished the outfit off with my Primark backpack which I think makes the outfit look more preppy and cute. 

Top: Topshop / Skirt: Oxfam / Shoes: Miss Guided / Bag: Primark

Have a happy Monday! Hope it's not all doom & gloom.


This two piece is my favourite buy that I have ever bought from H&M. It is the most comfiest clothing ever that I worn, I think it's because of the material it just makes you want to slouch around all day on the sofa watching movies and eating sweet popcorn. I seen this two piece on a few other bloggers and when I saw it in Oxford Circus Topshop I needed to buy it instantly and I don't think I have ever looked back. For the whole top and bottoms it cost me around £20 which in my book it is so cheap for what you are getting and how good the material is. I paired my outfit with my white sandals which I got from Asos Marketplace all the way from China. I had to wait a while for them but they haven't disappointed, they are so edgy and unique which is probably why I love them so much. I thought I'd wear these shoes because sometimes I wear my chunky black sandals from Miss Guided which you guys have probably seen before on my blog but I wanted to mix it up a bit so I thought why not wear my white sandals to go with the whole black & white theme of the outfit. I really think they go well together, they are literaly a match made in heaven. 

Top: H&M / Bottoms: H&M / Shoes: Asos Marketplace
(Unfortunately I think the H&M set is all out of stock everywhere however a simple black or white culottes and a nice top will be magic together!)