Yesterday me and Will went shopping to Cheshire Oaks because he wanted to look around to see if there was any bargains that he could spend his money on. 

Yesterday's outfit was quite casual and very summery as it was so hot yesterday that of course I needed to wear my sale bargain find from Topshop. This jersey tunic dress I saw online but I didn't get it as I thought to myself that I needed to stop spending.. but then I saw it in my local Outfit store and my mum said she would buy it for me as it was only a fiver so I wasn't going to turn down the chance of adding a cute summery dress to my wardrobe. I paired this dress with my new sandals and socks that I got from my boyfriend who decided to treat me one day which are from Lamoda. 

Lamoda are so on point lately that they have loads of beautiful shoes ranging from sandals to big stomper heels that everyone needs in there wardrobe. I already have a couple of pairs of shoes that I have my eye on that I need to buy soon. 

I finished the outfit off with my Hype 5-panel cap which I bought ages ago from there collection, it has hints of orange in the cap so I thought it would match perfectly with the dress and it does!! 

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