WEARING// Funky Culottes

I know what your all thinking.. I am in a different spot than I am normally when I do blog posts.. well I had to shoot them in my room because outside my house where I normally take them is like a builders yard as we are getting our kitchen done out and I didn't want wood appearing in all of the photos as it wouldn't look that good. So yeah I had to take them in my newly decorated bedroom, nice painted walls (Thanks to my boyfriend) I think it looks kind of funky and bright.. anyway enough about that on to my outfit. 

I bought this funky culottes when I found them in the Topshop sale last week! I saw them online but didn't have the guts to get them because I wanted to save my money but when I saw them in store I gave in and bought them. They were £20 but I got student discount off them so they were only £18 which I was so pleased about because originally they were £40. I love the print on these culottes and the hint of purple in them just makes the white more vibrant. I very happy that I bought these and to be honest I haven't stopped wearing them, they are super duper comfy. I paired the culottes with my Topshop high neck crop top and my Lamoda sandals. 

Top: Topshop / Pants: Topshop / Shoes: Lamoda (ones similar)

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