Beyond Retro //

I love these shorts!!!!! Just how fab are they please? I recently bought these from Beyond Retro as they have a massive sale on and I just couldn't resist having a little nose at what they'd have to offer. I got four items from their sale so keep an eye out as they will be appearing on my blog soon!! These shorts were only £11 thats why I couldn't resist buying them, they are so bright and summery and will be awesome for my up coming holiday to Cornwall. You may of thought that it was a skirt that I was wearing but it has a little flap like a tennis skirt which makes the shorts unique and quirky. I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit quite minimalistic so I went for my white Topshop crop top and Asos Marketplace sandals. 

Sorry about the squinty eyes, the sun is pain in the bum! 

Top: Topshop / Shorts: Beyond Retro / Shoes: Asos Marketplace / Headband: Primark

lots of love,

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