I was made for sunny days //

Another sunny day in England and I am loving it. Tbh I don't think I am quite used to waking up and it being so hot and humid but I am enjoying it while it lasts. As my title says I was made for sunny days, I just love summery clothes it is way better than wrapping yourself up for winter. My floral shorts came out today I got them last year from Pop Boutique in Liverpool, they caught my eye with the vibrant colours and how summery they look. I always love wearing these shorts as there not these tight shorts that stick to you and go up your bum which I hate so much. They are nice and airy shorts that give you that breeze that you need in this heat when you are running around after your 3 year old niece which is a hard job I tell you. I paired my shorts with my checkered crop top from Topshop, Lamoda sandals and Primark sunglasses. I don't think this crop top has appeared on my blog yet because I have always thought it looked weird on me but today it has fit perfectly with the colours of the shorts and it looks just right for a change.

My little niece, Miley-mae, wanted to get in the photos because she said she loves being in front of the camera and she didn't want to miss out. She is the cutest. 

Top: Topshop / Shorts: Pop Boutique / Shoes: Lamoda / Sunglasses: Primark

lots of love,


  1. So cute!! xxx


  2. Found your blog on twitter. I love this outfit!

  3. You're very beautiful! Your niece is sweety <3
    Keep it up with the good posts!

    Andera | www.universulanderei.ro

  4. I love how colourful and cute this outfit it! Your hair is amazing btw :) x