Kissed by the sun //

Today me and my mother went over to Liverpool to do a little shopping and to have lunch with my sis who was in work. Today's outfit was a rush one tbh as we were meeting my sis at 12 and I didn't start picking what I wanted to wear till 11 so total rush for me. You might think an hour is plenty of time but your not me and try on 3 different outfits before you pick the perfect one. Then your bedroom ends up being like a tip because the clothes that just didn't go together are thrown on the floor and left until you tidy up. Drama of being a girl! Onto my outfit, I decided to wear my new shirt again that I got from Age UK it was only £5 that's why I love charity shops finds. I paired the shirt with my We Are Cow bodycon skirt, I think this skirt is mega cute the colour just does it for me pastels are the best right!? Finished it off with my eBay 5 panel cap, Lamoda fish net socks and sandals. 

Hat: eBay / Top: Age UK / Skirt: We Are Cow / Socks: Lamoda / Shoes: Lamoda

lots of love,


  1. Amazing skirt! Love your snap-back too. Xx

    Holly xx