New Brighton pier //

Today me and Will decided to go to New Brighton as he has never been before so I was quite excited to show him what New Brighton has to offer. I showed him the beach, where I used to crab when I was younger (people were doing it today I was so jealous, I wanted to join in!) and of course the famous fish & chip shop were we got large fish & chips with mushy peas and gravy. It was so yummy, I could of had another one but of course that would of been fat of me. You can't go the beach without getting an ice-cream so we got our ice-creams, I got bubblegum and will got blackcurrant cheesecake, and had a little stroll along the promenade hand in hand like it was a scene in a romantic movie. Quite cliche really isn't it. 

Onto my outfit, I really love my new shirt that I found in AgeUK when me and my mum were charity shop hunting, it was only £4 and it just caught my eye instantly with its bold colours. I stole my sister's shorts again as I think they are mega cool and look so good on so I thought they'd look amazing with the shirt and my opinion they so do!!! I finished the outfit off with my new H&M baseball cap, Lamoda netted socks, old school Kickers and my vintage bag which is another other charity bargain . 

lots of love, 

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