Splash of colour ||

It's Sunday already.. the weekend goes by so quickly and Monday is approaching which is always a downer. I really don't like Sunday because Sunday means that Will is going back home and I have to wait a whole week to see him again which always is upsetting. 

Today me and Will went to go and look for turtles as I want one for my birthday however the problem is no one sells them anywhere so we tried one pet shop and all they had were little fishys and scary reptiles.. like snakes.. omg snakes! I don't have anything against snakes but they scare the living daylights out of me, I couldn't have one as a pet because I wouldn't be able to pick it up and I would feel mean on it. 

Onto my outfit, I really love this skirt, I got this skirt from Topshop a while back and I totally forgot that I had it in my wardrobe so it was such a treat finding it this morning. I just love the different colours on the skirt, they are all so vibrant and eye catching which makes me love the skirt even more. I paired the skirt with my H&M Daisy crop top, Miss Guided chunky sandals and Primark flower crown. 

lots of love,

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