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Not many people like tattoos but for me they express your personality. Some people get tattoos because they have a meaning behind them and I love when tattoos mean so much to people, but for me I pick tattoos that will fit me personally. I have always loved the hamsa hand. I think its because of the the detail and how you can make it unique to you. I like all three of the designs above and somehow I want to cooperate some of the details that are in all three. I saw the hamsa hand with the quote underneath it and just instantly fell in love, I want to cooperate some type of quote with this tattoo I think it just adds that edge. I haven't really decided what quote to have yet I have two quotes that I like and they are: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" and "Rule your mind or it will rule you". Both of the quotes have a massive meaning behind them and tbh I am spoilt for choice. 

The other three are just little things that I like. I have always been drawn to the skull candy tattoos on people and I can't decided whether I like them with colour or not. I have seen some with colour and they look horrible but other times really nice, maybe it just depends who does you tattoo. Infinity tattoos are the cutest. I always thought that it would be a cute idea to get matching infinity tattoos with the one you love, because then that means that your love for each other is for infinity. I am mushy sometimes. Onto the last quote, can you tell I love the idea of love? I love this quote as it's so versatile as it could be for anyone, for example family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or even your pets.. haha you may think I'm stupid for putting pets but I love my cat.

lots of love,

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