I have a serious shoe problem //

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So I think I have a serious shoe addiction as I bought all these pairs in one week.. well not all of them my boyfriend bought me the Reekbok x pastels ones as part of my 18th birthday present which I was super happy about because they are so hard to get as they were only a limited pairs made so I was a lucky one really! Yay! But yes the rest of them I bought myself and looking back I know I shouldn't because I have so many pairs however I just couldn't help myself.. when it comes to shoes that I like I don't think I just get my card out and buy them. Tbh no wonder I am skint most of the time which is why my blog is called Skint Life because it is truly me most of the time. I need to learn to control myself which will take a long time I think. Ha!!! 

Lots of love,


  1. Urgh, I know exactly how you feel with the whole shoe buying thing! That's why I spent most of my time as a student being skint haha.
    I must have around 40 pairs but I can always justify the need for more by telling myself they're actually a good investment as everyone always needs shoes. Plus you can style them so many different ways... it's worked at stopping me feeling guilty for it so far!
    The first pair really are gorgeous, I've eyed them up in Primark so many times lately! I must resist then though haha :)

    Louise / www.asseenonlouise.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Hi!i have around 50 pairs but half of them are boots!.. you have a new follower, i’m following you via bloglovin. Hope you can do the same :)
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  3. Love all of these!x