I like things backward.. //

Dress: Zara / Heels: Bank

Yes, I am wearing this Zara dress backward but I actually quite like it. Might wear it more often like this but obviously it looks just as good the right way I am just being weird. But yeah, I bought this dress last year and when it came out everyone went crazy for it and I can see why because it's so damn perfect who wouldn't want this dress. I paired the dress with my new heels which were a bargain from Bank and they were only £10, YES £10, amazing right? I was eyeing them up all the time whenever I went into Bank and when I saw the price they was no hesitation I bought them instantly. 

lots of love,


  1. I love this look! Can't believe those shoes were only a tenner and your hair looks amazing, wish I could pull off that hairstyle xo

    Percy and Prunella

    1. Thankyou!!! aww I bet you could, i did it as a experiment really haha! X

  2. Love this, so well styled!x