The BIG 18 //

Dress: Topshop / Shoes: Bank

I was the BIG 18 on Saturday and I had the best day & night with the family and Wills family, I just want to re-do it all again and have that night again. I got totally spoilt that day and I just can't believe how many things I got, I was truly shocked but super happy at the same time. Have you seen my cake? ITS AMAZING RIGHT? I came down and I was truly speechless I had no idea that Wills mum was making it for me so when it came to it I didn't want to eat it because it looks so real I wanted to keep it forever. But eventually I gave in and had a slice of my chocolate fudge cake.. mmh so good!!! So I'm finally 18.. and I don't know if I feel different or not.. but I can now say I can go into asda and buy a crate of cider without people working there thinking they are going to knock me back!! WOO, haha! 
Hope everyone had a fun weekend! 

lots of love,