Top: H&M / Trousers: Miss Guided / Shoes: Bank

Another wet day today and I am hating it. Every time I wake up for college its absolutely freezing and all I want to do is stay in bed with my onesie on and cuddle up next to Jake the turtle (teddy). I know I know I am a big baby but who has that one teddy from when you were little that you just don't want to get rid off well I am in that situation because I don't think I could ever throw away Jake I probably would end up crying haha! Anyway, outfit time! This is an outfit that I just threw together one day when I was probably half asleep hense why there are some clashy patterns but who cares right? I think it magically works! I love this paisley trousers I have been wanting them for so long its been unreal and finally for my birthday my lovely boyfriend got them for me and I have been super pleased ever since. They are so comfortable and the fit of them is literally heaven, I have no words to fault them because they are magnificant. A bit extreme you say? I am just giving you my honest opinion so I think you all you go and grab yourself a pair. I paired the trousers with my polo neck top from H&M and finished it off with my amazing chunky heels from Bank. 

lots of love,


  1. love this outfit, you can literally pull of anything! x

    1. Aw thank you! Your style though is perfect! Major jel! X