MAJOR hair transformation //

So this blog post has been long overdue and I apologise to you all as I have been super busy college starting and all that! Anyway, I had a major hair transformation the other day and I am so pleased with it I just couldn't hold in my excitement when it was all finished I was jumping up and down and flicking my hair everywhere like what you see on movies, ha! I got the hair from Pauls Hair World and they were £80 but I got them as part as my 18th birthday present from my mother, so thankyou mummy for treating me so well. They are called Sleek Remy Couture Prestige hair extensions and they are such good quality that I can't fault them really, I really recommend them to anyone who is buying hair extensions for the first time.. obviously if you don't want curly then there is a huge range to pick from and they come in all different colours to fit your hair perfectly! Thanks to Pink Graffiti for putting it in for me with your excellence customer service and fun atmosphere! Can't wait to take more selfies with my fab new hair! Ha! 

lots of love,

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