Plain Jane //


Top: Topshop / Cardigan: CMBK / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: H&M (similar) / Bag: H&M
Today I went out shopping with my mummy to start off my christmas shopping! But of course before that I was making sure I spent some money for myself so I had a little shopping spree online which you know girls it's always a bad thing for you bank account. I love christmas shopping its so exciting getting little things for people and starting to get a pile of presents in your room and thinking "Have I overdone it again this year?". Every year I must always say that line I think I just get overly excited and start buying random things that obviously people don't need but hey its Christmas you are meant to spoil people right! Onto to the outfit, I went for a more comfy/casual look today. As you can see my wardrobe consists of mostly black and white but there's nothing wrong to go plain jane for a day! I went with my ripped jeans today followed by my over-sized t-shirt from Topshop! This combination is a winner in my eyes! I finished the outfit off with my sparkly cardigan from CMBK which is literally perfect, my sister's big fat chunky boots from H&M and my red satchel from H&M to add a bit colour to this "plain jane" outfit!
Lots of love,


  1. love this cardigan! i have nominated you for the one lovely blog award :) you can find the details here xx