So preppy //

Jumper: Primark / Playsuit: Topshop / Socks: Vans / Shoes: Adidas
I feel so old school when I styled this outfit with my Adidas Superstars and my hair in two pigtails I felt like I should of been holding a boombox and playing some Biggie Smalls, what I would do to rewind time and live in that lifetime! Definitely would of been my ideal era! I got this playsuit literally ages ago from Topshop and I haven't really worn it that many times because it was always massive on me and I have to wear a belt with it just so it looks half decent. However, I think it looks okay with the laid back/cool look I am going for here so I had zero issues with it. Underneath the playsuit I wore my fluffy multicolour jumper to add that warmth but also because I just loooove it! I finished the outfit off with my Vans socks and my teal Adidas Superstars which are like walking on clouds, I definitely need to invest in some white and black ones of these! Truly heaven.
lots of love,

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