It was a good delivery day today, I love waiting for your delivery to arrive especially when you have been in college all day and coming home to it actually made my day. I can't wait to blog these for you guys! It was definitely love at first sight when I saw the heart-shaped two piece I knew that I had to have it and of course the price caught my eye as well, you just can't go wrong spending £10 for the skirt and £12 for the top so £22 for the whole outfit which is literally a total bargain. I bet this outfit will look mega cute with my knee high boots! Ooooo! Last but not least my grid print t-shirt which is just fab, I love the black & white and how it comes together to make the t-shirt look so cool and unique. I reckon with a pair of ripped jeans this t-shirt will look so on point, I love styling things up you can literally try anything together and pray for the best that it will come together! Exciting.
lots of love,
ellie x

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