OH EM GEE HAPPY 2015 GUYS! Hope everyone had a messy New Year and everyone got really drunk and couldn't remember their antics the next day.. I didn't go that far but I was enjoying drinking my malibu and coke and enjoying bopping to the tunes with the smith gang. It was a fun night and seeing one of Jacks mate (wills brother) totally wasted was the highlight of my night dancing till his heart content, drinkng whatever he got handed to him and falling asleep on my shoulder at the end of the night, I was really relieved that he wasn't sick that I could not handle. Ended the night by opening all of my presents off the Smith's and I was so surprised at how much I got I wasn't expecting it, love you all! Hope everyone's 2015 is AMAZING! Lets start the New Year on a high! 

lots of love,
ellie x

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