Playsuit: Primark / Cardigan: Rokit Vintage / Shoes: Primark / Socks: Topshop / Cap: Skulls
Suuuuup guys!!! How's everyone doing??? I have just come back from London today, I have had a lovely week off but I seriously missed blogging and showing you guys what I have put together!! A London post will be going up soon.. probably tomorrow but don't hold me to it! I am super sad right now though that I ain't at London Fashion Week, seeing everyone's photos is making me super jealous, I am definitely going next year. I want to meet some of my fav bloggers that's one of the reasons I want to go but also to see some kick ass outfits. Onto my outfit I wanted something comfy for the train journey home but also something that was stylish as well. I love this playsuit when I spotted it in Primark yesterday I love these types of playsuits because you can either style it super casual or dressy so its a great item to have. I do love searching for bargains so when I spotted this over-sized cardigan from RokIt Vintage for only £7 I knew I had to have it. I have been looking for an over-sized cardigan for ages I love how you can jut throw it on and it just goes with your outfit perfectly, sure is a gem piece.
lots of love,
ellie x

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