Top: Motel Rocks / Pants: Miss Guided / Shoes: Adidas / Coat: Primark
I am really dressing like it's summer but I can honestly say I don't feel the cold.. okay maybe sometimes I do but today I could wear the amazing halter neck top from Motel Rocks and I was perfectly fine, obviously with my chunky knit coat from Primark it kept well snuggled and warm. HOW SILKY AND SASSY ARE MY PANTS? I found them when nosing in the Miss Guided sale and I literally wanted them straight away. I did have a reason for buying them (for a change) it's Wills birthday this Saturday and we are going out for a meal so I needed something new to wear as my wardrobe is getting very boring so something new to spice things up is always a good thing!
lots of love,
ellie x


  1. Love the soft colors!

  2. You have such great style
    all the colours contrast so well
    xx lizzie

  3. Sassy sassy sassy is what you are :) love the outfit gurrrll .