I have had such a busy morning today doing little jobs for my mum and sending my shoes off, literally I don't think I've stopped. Then I had to do some college work which was upsetting cause all I wanted to do was watch Vampire Diaries on netflixs, it's getting so good! I haven't really worn my Jordan's often as I always find them hard to style I don't know why I just think that whatever I put with them it doesn't go. However today they seem to go with what I was wearing and I am liking the edginess that they are giving to this outfit. I am always in joggers lately and theses one I always seem to be wearing. They are from Topshop and I literally bought them ages ago but they have been the best purchase I have ever made. I haven't shopped in Topshop in ages I think I need to have a little nose.
lots of love,
ellie x

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