On Saturday it was Laces Out festival which was such a good day spent with such amazing people, I had such a fun and enjoyable day. I must of been in my element because the amount of shoes that were around me I nearly had a heart attack I literally wanted them all but of course that would be outside my pay range! I did however get my dream shoes. They are pictured above and they are Reebok x Palace sneakers which are soooooooo rare its unbelievable. When they came out they sold out in minutes and I was literally sulking to Will for three days straight because I didn't get my hands on a pair. Then when I saw them on the Lost Art stall I was crying with happiness (not literally) because I never thought I'd see a pair available, so I ran up to the stall see if they were my size and told Will that I had to have them and I came home a happy girl! THANKS LOST ART! We finished the day with a trip to Almost Famous I had never been there before so it was new experience for me and I was stuck for choice of what to get.. literally you can get like  5 different types of chips and all the burgers sounded delicious but I went with the  River Phoenix burger and Chill Cheese fries. I think I went to burger and fries heaven because it was so yummy that I don't think I'll ever get a burger that tasted like the one I had but I also think I won't be able to eat for days because I was so stuffed I couldn't move, my belly went to a size of a balloon haha! Wish it was back at the weekend so I can relive it all again.
lots of love,
ellie x


  1. Looks like a great event.
    Loving all them trainers.

    Jenn from