Top and Skirt: Motel Rocks / Shoes: Primark / Choker: Ebay / Earrings: Primark / Belt: Vintageous Rags

How amazing is this matching set??!! I got it the other week in the Motel Rocks sample sale and it was only £10 for the whole thing! I know right £10 for the top and skirt I was so happy!!! I am trying to channel my inner kimmy k in this post because who wouldn't want to be her?!! She is a babe. I got two other things as well in the sample sale so I will show you guys on the blog soon. Have a good day guys!

lots of love,
ellie x


  1. Beaut! such a simple look for you, but I love it x

  2. Omg I saw the Motel Rocks sample sale too! I didn't see this beauty in there - couldn't find anything that I really wanted :(

    Kim K is a babe. Wouldn't you agree that her style has blossomed this year?

    Love the way how you've styled this x

    1. Arr really?!!!! I was literally on the website for about 20 minutes haha!

      Yeah she really is, I love her! Yeah her style has been insane literally so jealous of her!

      Arr thankyou xx