Omg guys I am back finally!! Seriously it has been torture not having no wifi, I don't think I told you did I??? So we changed broadband companies and it was meant to be a swift change BUT nooooo, something had to go wrong and it took till today for our internet to come back on! I was fuming but so so so happy now its back on as it means I can blog again woo! I recently bought this kimono at resurrection it was £12 so super cheap and I couldn't not buy it because the colours are so nice plus festival season is coming up so it's so ideal!! I think this piece of clothing was meant to be a dress but its too big for me when I close it over so I decided I would just wear it as a kimono and I think it works really well! Guys I am so happy to be back, I've definitely missed blogging!

lots of love,
ellie x

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