Fur Jacket: Wavey Garms (facebook) / Tee: Patta / Jeans: Forever 21 / Bag & Earrings: Primark / Trainers: Nike AM 90 "Infareds"

This faux fur jacket is just a dream. When I seen it on Wavey Garms on Facebook it was literally something that I knew I needed! I always have loved faux fur jackets but I've never had one this colour so I knew that it would be a fab new addition to the faux fur family. It was only £20 which I think is such a steal of a price especially with some faux fur jackets being rather expensive. I hope everyone has had a fab Sunday and I am now spending my night revising which isn't fun at all but I can't wait till the end of the week as then I am exam free, woo!
lots of love,
ellie x