Jacker: Vintage / Tee: Monki x Sara Anderson / Culottes: New Look / Trainers: Nike Air Force 1 / Jewellery: Topshop & Primark

This top literally speaks volumes too me as I never have (and never will) dress to impress or gain approval from people. I feel like I dress the way I do because it makes me happy and makes me feel confident in myself and if people want to diss my style or try to bring me down then they can but I know that it won't change me from being me. I seriously don't get it when people judge other people's outfits, like yes maybe sometimes people won't like your outfit due to different tastes/styles but who says it right to diss people's outfits only because they have different styles or preferences from you. I LOVE seeing people's outfits as it shows diversity and sometimes it just quite refreshing to see how people style up different clothes.

I think my rant is over.. haha my bad! I think this tee is going to be worn a lot. 

lots of love,
ellie x

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