I took these shots a while back now but when I saw them when I was scanning through my photos I knew I had to blog about these. The Patta 'Corduroys' came out in 2009 when Nike teamed up with Patta to help them celebrate Patta's 5th Anniversary by creating 5 different pairs of Air Max 1. They were called Chlorophyll, Lucky Green, Purple Denin, Cherrywoods and of course the Corduroy. They sold out pretty quickly so if you got a pair back in 2009 you are very lucky as they are very sort after pairs of trainers that nearly every sneaker collector wants in their collection. Luckily Will got a pair in 2015 after he spent £290 for a full OG set (original box & 2x laces), obviously this is a hefty price tag for a pair of trainers however they are very rare these days so people will pay over the odds to be able to add these trainers to their collection. I think they are a well designed and executed pair of trainers with the denim & corduroy materials on the exterior of the shoe which really makes this type of trainer stand out from any other. 

lots of love,
ellie x

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