Obsessed with orange/peach at the moment its literally becoming my new favourite colour. I'm looking forward to this weekend as its that time again.. Laces Out and you know how much I love this event. Hopefully I won't be spending too much, but you can just never say never. The biggest thing though at the moment is what to wear. I am having a full mental blockage, I am definitely going to have to rummage through my wardrobe. Ah!!!

p.s. Sorry for the mark on my trainers, literally only noticed it after :( annoying!!

ellie x 


The lovely Jess asked me to be involved in her university campaign that involved the concept of Nike and Hypebae collaborating. It was such a fun day and it was good to finally put names to faces. Here are the finally photos from the day and I couldn't be happier, I think they look amazing! Thanks to the fab Abby for doing my makeup and the amazing Toni for taking the photos! Also a BIG thank you to Jess for being the best styler and creator but also for asking me to be involved, I loved it.

ellie x